The M.A.S.TE.R Mob multimedia training solution aims to raise the awareness of the mobility participants on the intercultural competence, before the departure. The Training path is completed by playing the EUtopia serious game and then attending the onsite training completed by online modules. The training path is entirely hosted on a LMS Moodle platform providing "Guidelines for mobility mentors" including tools, resources and tips.



  • Knowledge discovery: The ability to acquire new knowledge of a culture and cultural practices and the ability to act using that knowledge, those attitudes and those skills under the constraints of real-time communication and interaction.
  • Empathy: The ability to intuitively understand what other people think and how they feel in concrete situations. Empathic persons are able to deal with the feelings, wishes and ways of thinking of other persons.
  • Tolerance of ambiguity: Is understood as the ability to accept ambiguity and lack of clarity and to be able to deal with it constructively.
  • Respect for otherness: Is the curiosity and openness, readiness to suspend disbelief about other cultures and belief about one's own.
  • Communicative awareness: The ability in intercultural communication to establish relationships between linguistic expressions and cultural contents, to identify and consciously work with various communicative conventions of partners from other cultural backgrounds and to modify correspondingly one's own forms of expression
  • Adaptability: Is the ability to adapt one's own behavior to different requirements and situations will be better touched and explored.


The EUtopia Serious Game - as described in the M.A.S.T.E.R Mob project is the starting point for the intercultural learning pre-departure preparation in the mobility projects.

It is an educational and playful solution with an innovating approach aimed at :
creating awareness about the intercultural issues when working abroad.
stimulate a reflection on the self, on own competences and potentials as well as learning needs in relation to intercultural mobility working experiences, they will face soon.
During the serious game "Players" will experience recurrent situation in an international mobility or/and in an intercultural environment. The EUtopia Serious Game is going to be used by trainees in autonomy, before the onsite modules.
It involve 4 challenges of about 10 mn each, to be played consecutively. The scenes that take place in the EUtopia world, where the player will experience several intercultural situations. Each player will have to deal with those situations by taking decisions according to the aims given to him at the beginning of each challenge.
At the end of the 4 challenges he will get a passport to participate to the onsite training course, in which appear indicators regarding 4 intercultural components and the trophies we won.


The onsite intercultural pre-departure preparation aims to increase mobility participant's awareness on the importance of being "intercultural mobile" during an international experience in order to fully enjoy the stay abroad and to deep their intercultural competence throughout a "learning by doing" approach.

The onsite intercultural pre-departure preparation foresees 3 learning modules conducted by a trainer in a collective way for a total of 8 hours, in which all the six components of the intercultural competence - as described in the MASTER Mob framework are explored.

All the resources and activities are available on the moodle platforms to support mobility mentors who will conduct the sessions. At the end of the 3 onsite learning modules, there will be a conclusive moment in which the participants, individually, define their own intercultural learning plan. From a pedagogical point of view, the modules have been conceived in the way that participants can learn throughout the experiential learning cycle, in which they get to know the context, the experience specific activities, the reflect on them, the extract some learning, the generalize and plan how to further develop what they have learnt.


Module 1
Module n. 1 aims to introduce the intercultural pre-departure preparation, set the ground for working together and let participants know each other, starting to enter into the main subject such intercultural learning and intercultural mobility.

Module 2
The module 2 will let participants experience, throughout a simulation exercise, the effects of encountering a "foreign culture". Thanks to the simulation exercise, the participants will reflect on the meaning of the experience and extract learning for their mobility project, during the debriefing. At the end of the module, the participants will consolidate their learning thanks to a short input on the ICC components addressed and on the key concepts on which the simulation is based such as stereotypes and prejudices, diversity, discrimination and so on.

Module 3
The module n.3 is the last module onsite module that close the onsite intercultural pre-departure preparation. After having addressed in the previous two modules the concept of:
  • Self and the other
  • Identity, social and cultural identity
  • Stereotypes and prejudices
  • Empathy
It is now important to reflect on culture and intercultural learning especially in link with an international mobility project, letting participants creating the links with what they have learnt until now and the experience they will very soon had in a new context and culture.


Throughout the M.A.S.T.E.R Mob online training modules, we would like to offer the possibility to better explore and deep participants intercultural competence, before leaving for a mobility experience abroad.
The online modules, as complementary to the Serious Game and the onsite training modules, have the main aim to equip - before the departure - mobility participants or trainees with intercultural competence in order to facilitate their stay abroad, to support them while facing challenges and difficulties and to let them fully enjoy the personal and professional experience and learning.
The online training phase foresees a total of 6 online training modules which will cover the six elements of the intercultural learning competence as defined in M.A.S.T.E.R Mob framework, such as:
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Respect for otherness
  • Communicative awareness
  • Empathy
  • Tolerance of ambiguity
  • Behavioral flexibility
The six modules will take trainee an average of 30 minutes each for a total of 3 hours. All the modules have the same format:
  • Instructions: in which there is the information about module, the learning objectives, the main issues tackled by the modules and the activities to carry on.
  • Activities: in this session of the modules trainees are asked to perform tasks in which they are going to deep their intercultural competence.
  • Evaluation: at the end of each module trainees are asked to fill in an evaluation questionnaire, to provide feedback about the unit and their learning.
  • Further information: at the very end of the module, trainees and mentors will find some links to useful resources to further explore the intercultural competence.